Memories of Year 2008

December 30, 2008

Celebrated my 1st countdown with Jiunn Heng and his friends..Couldn't sleep properly when school starts..It's my last year of being high school student..must appreciate every single day of schooling..banyak homework!!Ms Teoh not teaching us anymore..and we cried! Went to decide what to study after SPM..It's also my last time visiting Gerko Day in Catholik High School - so I went every stall..hehe..joined Buddhist Telematch was fun =)..I also started to finally feel I'm apart of 5S5-2008..Went for Undang(KPP) talk with my brother..and got my NEW LAPTOP!!

Choir Orientation and I was having sore throat..It was fun playing games..haha..Merentas desa lor..Almost won but fainted halfway..ended up almost the last to go back school..I still remember Tik Lam was the last coz he was walking and enjoying scenary..haha! New year party at Chin Ming's house..totally fun!! Received 7 presents during Valentine Day..Went New year party at Mun Hon's and Zhen Yoong's house too..Photo session for school mag..1st term exam start this month too

Election month..Passed my undang..XD..Drove a van..for the vry first time..joined CHS Idol..facing trouble with choir..I hurts..cried almost every night..then Yik Luei suddenly so semangat to belanja us makan..I was shocked..haha! My plastic car - the white Atos rosak..Chin Ming and I had to go bak home late-not the 1st time..There's a snake we saw in school..from our classroom! Funny incident..and Hippy was sick..=(

Nominate for CHS Student's Choice Award..went PC Fair with Zhi Shan after CHS Idol Semifinal..Got in Final with Kah Yan for CHS Idol..very semangat to win the newspaper competition but then problem rise..the Hari Anugerah Day fall this month..Lee Kheng's farewell party,she's going India to study dentistry..was very frustrated and busy preparation for Choir Camp,Choir Competition,CHS Idol,Sports Day,Dance Competition and 2nd term exam!

Finally it's Sports Day..I've done a lot and put lot of effort for this..first time overnight in school and managed to get 2nd for decoration and 1st for marching..which all together push us up to 3rd place overall..=)..CHS Idol Grand Finale and someone got into my nerve really bad..Choir Camp this month..went to "small surgery" for my wrist..Won Champion CHS Idol 2008 with Kah Yan..Teacher's Day..Won Champion for Choir Competition which made us 4 years of district champion..Had Merah Celebration after winning at Sean Paul's house..2nd term exam this month..

First time conducting in choir..FUN!! Went KL Pac for singing training..all the fun choir practise since January till this now..and we faced the state competition this month..Tik Lam got Best Conductor 2008 and we got 3rd place for choir competition in state my champion trophy for CHS Idol today..XD..performed during School Anniversary..

Photo session for graduates..Retired from choir..sighh..5 years being in choir..miss those time T__T..Choir installation too..all those fun activies..gave speeches - like so old..performed on stage during Bon Odori in Stadium Matsushita..went to Cheer 2008 to support our school..sang LIVE during scout campfire..Report Card Day and I took many stupid pics..Jusco Member Day and as usual..skipped school and shopped wit Shi Ning..haha!

Choir Gathering at my house..joined the Traditional Costume Competition for Merdeka Day and won 2nd!!..Watched Olimpic!! damn cool!! love the rthymic gymnastic..A japanese girl came to my class for student exchange programme..Surprisingly won champion for drawing competition which I sent in around March..I totally forgot about the drawing thing..LOL..Got chosen for NS! @%$#%^..

LPS Installation..sien..Stress stress stress!! Trials is this month!! everyday study

Be Lee Li's first passenger!! It have been 1 year since I've started blogging!! Graduated from high school =(..first time singing school song loudly..and I miss those time..

SPM!! finished on 27th..start party-ing!! went Neway..steamboat at Yuen..

Went Genting with 2a4 gang..saw the smiling moon there..learnt to play mahjong..1st time sitting roller coaster..return SPBT books..spending time wit Lee Li coz she's going Italy..then PROM!! everyone was stunning! Class trip to Pangkor for 4 days..attend many christmas party by church..celebrated my bday with 2a4 gang,choir gang and classmates..went CHS Orientation Day for Form 1..

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