My Sexy Seventeen and Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2008

wat's the day today?

I've been looking forward for my birthday every year ever since I've entered 2A4 in year 2005..This is the time for us to gathered together and celebrate christmas together..Somehow,this year's birthday is a memorable ones..because after today,we wouldn't know when will we meet again..left school and entering college life..and last party as a high school student..
Kah Men did sweet~
deco by Kah Men =)

Kah Men did a lot for my birthday this year..she came early to decorate my house and made a special ticket for each of us who a ticket to sweet..thanks so much =)..I told them to come at 11am but everyone arrived late..Kah Men was the earliest..and I just woke up when she reached XD..Then followed by Wen Jie and Kai Lin..Wei Ji..Aaron..Chin Ming..Mark and lastly CJ..
Messy..I know..
those who came early..Wei Ji and his stupid/funny look
Mark stopped by..
Cj not in picture =/..
Chin Ming - the christmas tree
Wen Jie..acting pregnant..

Aaron cook spaghetti in my house for pot luck..Wei Ji helped out..Funny thing is,they know how to cook but they don't know how to break an cute LOL..They were both so excited about the spaghetti..end up,it was burnt! They were so disappointed and start playing "points game"..You get 5 point then eat 5 spoon etc..
the two housewives..
Wei Ji had to eat 9 spoon T_T

They looked so pity,so Kah Men and Chin Ming re-cook the spaghetti using the sauce they found in my house..It turned out really delicious!! It's like HEAVEN offence to Wei Ji and Aaron XD..they did a great job as well..I think it's the first time we actually fully utilized my kitchen..
It might look disgusted..but tasty!!
Wei Ji being hugged by Wen Jie
Chin Ming and Wen Jie hiding behind my garden tree..

We waited for CJ b4 starting the "dare game"..where you've gotto write a dare..and then we will write a random are to draw the number and do the dare before getting the prizes..It was so funny!! Too bad Wen Jie left because he had promised his friends for christmas dinner..=/
Wei Ji wrote this and he 'kena' himself..LOL..
read it yourself..
being prepared to be pinched-OUCH
There you go..your prize from Liki
I got this..
got my present!!
this is the worst weyyy!! Lucky not me..
each of us must use our mouth to open the present..

Then,we drank sparkling juice and cut my birthday cake..=)
dumb dumb Wei Ji cute =)
don't know who decorate till so cute XD
we made our wish..under this little christmas tree..

we played this game by draw a "award" frm a box..and give it to someone whom you think deserve to get the award..and why..
Wen Jie got this..after he the image to read

Few minutes before midnight,we went to the playground nearby my house and sang christmas song before we started spraying all over the place..It was fun!! The floor was so messed up..hope the guard doesn't know the resident of house number _ _ did it XD
Wei Ji's hair..with the spray thingy on his head
trying to "kai bao" Wei Ji
wearing his pants..looks like peeing rite?XD
the will only see this 3 girls every year for christmas party
Wei Ji damn cute that night..childish..haha
2a4 roxxx!!
friends forever =)
love that moment..
how much fun we had..

The gang rest while I prepared the guli game! I learnt this frm CYC..You put the guli in a bucket,then ice and water..dip your head inside and use your mouth to get the guli..CJ thought of the 100 plus can as an obstacle..Kah Men and CJ owned the game ganas weyyy...Kai Lin don't dare to play cause she's afraid of brain freezed was quite dizzy after we played..but it was fun!! =)
the guli game..
so cold!! note that it was around 12am we played this game
when I was taking bath..somebody drawing turtle on Wei Ji's tummy..
CJ's clothes..
Mark made for me..T.T
Wei Ji..sleeping like monkey..Kai Lin,Aaron,Wei Ji and I slept at 5am..

I had so much fun...HEART you guys!!
Some people come into our lives and quickly go..Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts..True friendship never ends =)

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