Nothing Can Keep Us Apart

December 12, 2008

Here's the pictures v took last few days..I did keep my promised,spending ALL my time wit Lily..except when she have plans with her friends,so I keep myself accompanied by calling my friends..
She's so proud having a new camera..wanna snap me..hehe
her camera can edit picture..I drew sumthing so she see in Italy
I edit this =)
this is damn dumb I know..I love this picture..
we were trying to test the smile detector..HAHA
Her bro was like giving her that look when he sees this pic..LOL
no don't look at me..Look at funny!!
some silly faces we did..
her bro..tempting me to eat McD
nice rite? FYI: IMU means I Miss U
Min Chun is so funny here
Lily's innocent face
she say when she come bak frm Italy,she'll b like this LOL
"Yes I know you'll miss me" -Lily-
"HAH! Now I got my camera to snap all your ugly pictures!" -Lily
Look at her seeing porn..HAHA
I took too much of her ugly pictures..her turn to take mine..LOL
I was crazly laughing at Lily
I dunno what's tt green thing..but I'm still laughing
she was scolding at her younger bro for dropping that mouse..
Lily soooo wanted to kiss me
"who say one?" -Lily
"blekk..dun wan talk to you" -Lily..trying to act like monkey..wahaha
she e-mailing to me..when I'm just beside her..WAHAHA
"AHHHHHH..u cannot read the e-mail yet!" -Lily
Lily wanted green background
trying to ban yeng..
jus simple smile
acting innocent..
heehehehehe...I'm soooo "cute"
bad boy..I think I did it! HAHA
crazy @_@
Just us..

Lily's PICTURE before she go..
her luggage..

I still remember how we met each other..We were so young that time..and we can maintain such long friendship..I can always look for you whenever I need a talk..and you will always be there..I know I can always count on you..Thanks for everything Chong Lee Li
Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love..Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing..I HEART you girl!

Dun 4get your promise of bringing me an Italian guy for my bday present..haha

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