Santa Claus Is Coming To Town~

December 09, 2008

I noticed something..every year..when christmas is around the corner,I'll b hanging out wit Mark..and we'll watch movie,eat and do some christmas shopping!!that is bcz he studied in asrama-he claimed tt he's in jail..LOL..

Poor Mark shopped alone while I'm still asleep on my bed till he msg me..HEH..Midvalley is corwded weyy!! You even have to lined up till the door to go toilet..
this is!
he got me this frm Langkawi!!! I love the Hello Kitty! =)
posing with it..heh..
christmas deco in Midvalley..
there's too many ppl around..O.o..
tall tall tree...weeee~
big big candy..
Liki and Mark
refection on the ball..wahahaha!we look more round and fat..XD
this is a shorter chistmas tree..
thanks to Mark for treating me Sushi..^^
inside the box..
desperate for christmas candy..
santa claus is coming~~
haha..Mark so cute here..
that's a santa pillow I'm holding..
walking to The Gardens
I went in illegally- I think >.<
Ahhh..Let me out!!
Me likey chrismas!
Actually I dun get it..what's with the cage and christmas? =/

*SCREAMS* I love christmas weyy..all the deco..all the presents..and most importantly..u noe what? Tips: scroll up and see my profile on the left top ^^V

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