December 05, 2008

It's been a long time since I last did my shopping..Lily asked me out to shop with her before she turned into Italian..
we had lunch in The Apartment..where they hav sections like..toilet..bedroom..
we chose to sit in the toilet..LOL
the place..
I was so sleepy today..been going out for the whole week..
shopped with this Lily..
food food..
Lily's aunt who drove us..
Lily drink..

After lunch then we start shopping!
trying on..
Lily look so funny like you wey!
nice rite?
while i camwhore..
Lee Yin,Liki and Lily
shopping rocks!!
in FOS..
us + Lee Yin
Lily pierced her 2nd ear hole..
somehow I thnk this picture damn cute..sorry Lily..I can't don't post it..
we went psr mlm and bought shoes and bags..this is mine..
this is Lily's..

I bumped into so many ppl..Dharushini..Christina..Wai Kit..Ing Ching..Ji Hao..etc..HAHA..OUG psr mlm quite famous eh?

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