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December 08, 2008

I went to Facon Exhibition..saw few Chs-ian..Jing Shi..Siew Foong..Ying Yi..etc..It's almost the end of the year and I bet most of you(SPM leaver)had decided where and what to study..while me?I am still stucked..with NS kacau-ing there..should I differ it?should I appeal to 1st batch?what if I go 3rd batch?then I'ma going college with those younger than me!AHHHHH!
Everyone is telling me "I've registered college d!" "I'm officially a college student!" "Taylor here I come!"..It's quite sad seeing evry1 moving on while I couldn't move on easily as others..I have no idea what should I do..if I differ,I stil have to go NS in future..=/

Anyway,I too,had went Taylor's Open Day..then I visit Sunway University College..my dad and mom was so nice to accompany me..and they even bring me to Niu Ze Xui,the Curve,Ikea and Ikano all in one day! It was really fun..I love hanging out with my family..=)
one of the shop in Niu Ze Xui
christmas is coming!!
damn cute rite? >.<
Mamma Mia!!!
And I saw this!! I've been bugging Jason to drive me there to eat for long time!!
they have this map..
in the living room..
ahhh..this sheep is so cute wey!
my dad wants to buy that..haha..
anthr sheep welcomes me!! oh ya,the sheep worth RM2889.00 for the big one..small one I dunno..
view of down frm up..
in the "toilet"..they sell clothes there too..so this "toilet" is a changing room..not the real toilet..
outside the "house"
lovely birds..
me and my mom..
Niu Ze Xui have Disney tour now..this is the stage..
at the entrance of "Little Tokyo" they hav this big fat cat to welcome me..heh!
where they sell japanese foods there..

It's my 1st time going to Niu Ze Xui..huhu..and I eat damn a lot!! gonna grow fat soon..and prom is coming!! Jason! I'm stil waiting for you to take me go makan..heh!!

I've already decided abt my college and NS..I think it's the best

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