1st Day Of Being A College Kid

January 06, 2009

Weeeeeeeeeee~ My college starts today! I'ma bit excited..but I don't want to start studying yet..I still haven't party enough..and I still haven't enjoy enough!! T_T In a blink of eye..I'm a college student now..today..I stepped in college..I know it is time for me to grow up..big girl already..I know you guys must be asking..where do you study? what course do you take? Okayyyy lar..tell u guys in next post..*those who know don't tell kay? XD* I know,I know..I've been partying HARD and enjoying my life to the fullest! XD..I never felt time is enough for me..
some pics I took last year..

So..I woke up EARLY today to get myself prepared so Wei Ji doesn't have to wait for me when he fetch me..we plan to car pool since we're going to the same college..the registration starts at 9am..and Woah..the CAT/ACCA was such a long queue..Mine was okay..I was afraid that I might be like the ONLY Catholik High School student..then I saw quite many actually..I walk here then see CHS..walk there CHS again..but I think in Taylors,it is far more worst =_=..bet there was like a new community of CHS-ians..haha

Then we went to MPH - everyone thought "what?MPH?the bookstore sell books?" nahh..it stands for Multi-Purpose Hall..and we listened to the talks there..boring..Hui Yee and I almost fell asleep..made a new friend though..Allysa was it?

We had about 2hours break..and we decided to try the foods in the canteen..with Su Qin,Chee Mun,Khai Ling and Hui Yee..Oh,I saw Jia Chie! haha XD..The food was okay..they even have San Francisco Coffee shop there!! COOL weyy..After lunch,we went to the Student Council..tour around the college..went in library..and I SLEPT there XD

We were separated to each specific course..My introduction to A levels programme was FUN..the lecturers there was cute..haha..Then we break to even more specific ones..I've entered the Express Class..which is A levels in 1 year programme - I know I damn yeng right? Nobody there I knew..though I made new friends there too..Michelle from Kuen Cheng..she seems to have the same interest with me..XD..and there's only 23 ppl in my class..less than 10 are guys =_=..Went back to Audi4 and saw some physics tchr holding guitar and sing..we sang along!! FUN!! Dismiss after that..

It's the first day of school..orientation and stuff..quite cool actually..I hope I'd make MORE new friends tomorrow..Did I mentioned I'm having exams tomorrow and my biology teacher is going to give me homework? Yelling..Screaming... *moreyellingangscreaming*

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