2nd Week Of A College Life Story

January 16, 2009

Hey people!! Hippy stole my blog when I'm not around huh? that naughty..it's the 2nd week of college and it was even more hectic..why? mainly is my own problem..cz I'm still wondering whether to take 3 or 4 subject..I am still reli not sure..tml is the DEADLINE to add/drop subject already!! *screams* I better use the whole night to ponder today..

Anyway..ytd,my mom wanted to steam pao for my bro to eat during evening for teatime..but,she forgot to turn off the fire and the pao was steamed for 1 hour plus..here's the picture wat the pao turned out to be..
this is wat I called "black pao"..my mom and I was like laughing hard when we saw this pao..white soft pao had bcum black hard pao..XD

Today is also the ALSCO(A-Levels Student Council) interview..and Zhen Yoong was so nice!!He came to visit me in Sunway University College yesterday and today..hehe..
retard frm Taylor
the retard keep drinking coffee..ytd and tdy..and blamed me for tt =_=
Nicholad and Brynn..awww..see Brynn was so sweet to hold my files for me >.< (more like I forced him LOL)
bit blur..but nice..haha
the Nicholas guy tt I sat with on the 2nd day of College..
Brynn..damn camera shy!! wahaha..a vry sweet guy =)

I then went to find Mr.Kingsley..and joined the musical!! weeeeeee~~ v learned to sing and dance tdy..wahaha! Mr.Kingsley is so nice to send me to Pyramid ytd bcz my mom was shopping there! LOL

btw..dumbo Brynn Ong!You've forget wat u promised!

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