All Science Is Either Physics Or Stamp Collecting

January 16, 2009

Lalala~ I've decided!! I have finally think about it over and over again..I'm not rushing to finished A-Levels..and 4 subject is definately more stable than 3 subject rite? I dun mind studying for extra half a year to complete my A-Levels..and if I think any of the subject is hard,then I just drop it lor..I can enjoy college life longer've decided to take 1 and a half year programme and taking 3 sciences combination and 1 math..>.< I do love the express class..seriously..those ppl I knew there..were all great people..and the lecturers in the express class is the best lecturer in Sunway University College..but they only teach the express class..=/ too bad is 1 sad part..but I can still talk to the lecturers rite? ^^ I love Ms Irma(she is reli nice and sweet..she's the best!!)..Mr Yong(although he looked fierce..but he damn blur and cute weyy!)..Ms Vijaya(OMG,she's the-oh-so-scary-chemistry-lecturer) XD

After class,I went to talk to Dr.Wong..she doesn't seemed to want me to leave and ask me to think about it agn..Tuesday find her and talk to her my final decision..Michelle is also changing course with me (yay)..
sushi for lunch!! =) Michelle's bro's gf made and we shared this for lunch..

I met new fwens..Steve and Dinesh..Wei Ji ar! you made me feel so pai sehh weyy!! and Jie Min ar!! You four are just so dirtyyyyyyy!! RAWRR~~but fun haha! How nice I wished u guys same class with me >.<..Went bak to CHS later cz it's the Gerko Day! Yes..My love!!!
love the design!!
cute eraser!!
saw the cups behind? I made it myself!!
Selling fast..

I walked around the hall and people started shouting "LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" *you know who you are* haha..shocked me!! saw many many many ppl!! so happy weyyy..I love to go bak to CHS ^^..Funny thing,Ms Ashikin says I grew thinner already..but I thought I grew fatter instead! I've been eating a lot eh!! then slowly more and more ppl say I'm thinner already.. O.o..
Dennis and I
join the choir now!!
Kuen Yee and Liki
this is just the few classes form 1! how big of the amount of student in CHS..
WOW,Dennis! I love the "I"!!you drew it urself?
the guy in the pic is WANTED..I AM STILL looking for you!! where la u go after taking pic with me? and so bad..say I "senior citizen" pulak..
Miaw Fen and Liki

So happy to see bak my choir babes..too bad my mom dun allow me to go MV..I'm supposed to meet up with Cj,Kah Men and Tien Yi there!! time kay? I MUST go out with Tien Yi before she's leaving bak to sorry can't make it =(

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