The Best Damn Thing

January 06, 2009

Yes..just look at my sleeves and you know..I'm currently studying in Sunway Unversity College taking A levels(the express class)..Tee-hee..Today I'm alone T___T..But it seemed to be easier to make more friends when you're alone..
I thought I was late when I entered Audi4 and Dr.Wong is already there talking..I'm not late..She's early =)..and I sat beside a guy - randomly..and we started talking..His name is Nicholas..I think it spells "LAME" XD..haha..Nice person to talk with..very fun..and beside him was Brynn..A special name I would say..and he looks like Jie Min!! Later on,an indian girl named Shaby sat beside me and we 4 started chit-chatting like ah sam..haha..We took a simple english placement test where we're supposed to write an essay of 300-400 words in 45minutes..COOL..I wrote about "suggest a way to make world a peaceful place to live in" and finished it within 40minutes..crapping..
t-shirt we're supposed to wear every!
I like the back =)

Some briefing on the compulsory subjects..and IEC which stands for Internation Education Centre then break..had lunch with new friends and not forgetting the old ones too >.<..then tour around the campus again..the after-break programme was fun bcz we had games with the seniors and they take us to tour around the campus again..We got out timetables..and class starts tomorrow..schedule was ok..except the 2 hours of math,chem and bio each tomorrow..AHHHH hope I don't fall asleep in class..At least not on the first day..or even if it's possible..

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