A Date Out With My Loyal Reader

January 04, 2009

Muahaha..You must be reading my blog now..Yeap..This guy have been reading my blog ever since I've started blogging! Ignore the part that I used to forced him to read >.<..So..I've been chatting with this guy - let's just called him uncle kay?..*clear throat*..I've been chatting with uncle for 4 years but we've nvr met..Dunno since when and how,he seemed to be someone I'll talk to whether I'm sad or happy..He's not that old lar actually..He's only 24 this year..I just like to call him uncle XD..dun angry kay? If u guys have been reading my blog..you might have seen his name b4 here and here..and the latest wan ->here..

I've always thought I'd never meet him..or mayb only during his wedding! HAHA..But,he promised to treat me for movie and eat after SPM..So today is the day!!He fetch me from my house..and I can't rmb how many times I told him not to kidnap me..haha..We went to MV and watch
The doggy so cute weyy!! Reminds me of Hippy..but Hippy is damn naughty =_=

We had lunch in Secret Recipe..all on him! Thanks so much ^^..walked around aimlessly..and went to find CJ to play the hair thingy he asked me to..haha..and then went pasar malam..saw my cousin! The one uncle called her leng lui..eh! Wei Chuen oso called her leng lui!haha..makan pan mee at pasar malam and he bought me shirts as my bday present!! weeeee~~
see I told you I can't take your pic!

Thanks so much for belanja-ing me,Boon Ping..I'll treat it as my last enjoymeny b4 college..XD

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