Edmund's Farewell Party

January 19, 2009

Edmund is leaving to Singapore next week..today,we went to 1u to hang out b4 he leave to Singapore..Yes..dunno why these few days kena tricked..it's not even April Fool!! Last week Zhen Yoong already use the same trick..thought I'm already immune to it..mana tau today Edmund and Xian Tze oso use the same method..ask me walk round and round..do I look so funny walking round n round while u guys watching frm sum corner and laughing der? =_=

Edmund says he wanna hear me sing for the last time b4 leaving Singapore..so we went to Neway and actually delayed 1hour b4 leaving XD
so excited to sing..
haha..I look funny?
Jia Cheng,the photographer and Liki
damn SHOCKED when u see Chia Feng rite?He was "released" frm NS..went NS 2 weeks only!
Keenen damn funny lar!
So I try to act funny LOL
this is funny gua?
look at the camera la Keenen!
So good lar..Go NS 2 weeks nia..
I oso kena NS >.< *screams* Chia Feng is BOLD XD
we didn't even finish the foods on the tables >.<
they're so "high" when singing Jay Chou's sing..and claimed tt they no need 2 c lyrics..
I guess karaoke is not Keenen's cup of tea..
7 of us =)
we're both addicted to Sunway University College..
bumped into Hui Ning and then we walk tghr..
Had tea time in New York New York Deli (damn long name)
Lee Young grew tall a lot d!!
He damn blur sometimes when he sit behind of me LOL
Oooooo New York City!!
un-edit..posing with my BRAND-NEW calculator!
I ordered this!!!
Can't wait to put it in my mouth..
ahhhhhhh..yum yum
the burger is bigger than Keenen's face HAHA
the super duper big burger!
This four guys - Jia Cheng,Xian Tze,Edmund and Chia Feng so excited to finished the leftover
Walao eh..Keenen and Lee Young's dessert..
The boys trying to keep the knife so Hui Ning wun "luan luan lai"
got Chinese New Year feel a not?
Top Left: Lee Young,Keenen
Bottom Left: Shi Ning,Hui Ning,Liki

Jia Cheng trying to act tall there..HAHA..and your camera damn pro leh!
Jia Cheng and Liki
our sexyback~
looking at the cameras-I think
Liki and Chia Feng
Edmund..Shi Ning..Jia Cheng..Liki
Edmund,Liki,Xian Tze
with Keenen..but..who's finger? and the paper for? HAHA
testing to camwhore with DSR

Father and Daughter Pictures:
#1 normal
#2 cute and yeng
#3 normal and funny
#4 say CHEESE

I sat in McD and do homework for 3 hours!!!reached home around 11pm..still haven't finish ar!! Express class reli many homework..and my homework is piling up like a mountain already..but I'm changing to 1.5 year course d-cz I wanted 4 sub..rmb?..wooo-hoooooo~

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning..
have fun in Singapore..
and take care^^

I need sleep..tml still got college!!

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