Freshie Night 09'

January 23, 2009

Having jus settled into college not too long ago,Freshite Nite was the night for the new,reserved and unannounced to let their hair down..As it happened,newbies both local and international frm all the various programs in Sun-U participated..

After class,I went bak home and took bath then quickly prepare for the the night theme was "Retro-Techno"..I wasn't really sure what to wear for that night..I just simply grab a dress and wore it for that night..on the way to college

I meet up with Nat..woah..he looks cool =)..and then meet everyone else in MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall)..Some just wore casual..
Liki and Nat..isn't his tie suit my dress?
some "most moscular guy"contest..
showing their calf muscle..
My express class babes!! From left: Winnie,Susan,Liki,Brynn,Kee Yang
and more express class student!! From left: Winnie,Susan,Liki,Shaun,John and Kee Yang
BRYNN!! Why you always dun look at camera wan!!
Shaun and Liki (notice the guai lou behind O.o)
us again!
Nat..trying to act cool..haha!
Liki and Xian Tze
Liki and Teng Jong
Liki and Mukhand(vry funny guy)
erm...HE *you know who* told me not to post this pic..nvm lar..I cover ur face d..nobody will know.haha!
I didn't expect to see Meng Shuen..though I know she's in A-Levels..She is my choir senior..=)

We watch performance that night..and I chat with my express class ppl to update myself about wat's happening..I left the express class to take four subject right..I miss them ler T___T When I was talking to Winnie and Susan..suddenly a drunken guy came over..and he start talking to me..vry vry vry close...he touched me..he almost kiss me by 0.000000000001mm!! ^%#$@$^%*& somebody voo-doo him pls..I was so freaking sket T__T Luckily I managed to escape frm him..Nat was trying to calm me down..sighhh..

I vry sket already..I haven't told you guys about wat happened to Cher Tieng and I last week..T_____T

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