Happy Chinese New Year!

January 28, 2009

Hey people!! How was ur chinese new year? Mine was so bored..I balik kampung and stunt der for hours..I even brought my homework to do..ARGHHH...So bored!! I want some cny feel weyyy..T___T I thought we,kids suppose to be happy when CNY arrived..Well..happy things is.sum of my NS fwen is back..and they called to tell me about their NS story while I told them about my college..
deco outside my house
me and my mom..
Hippy is here to wish you guys "Happy Mooooooooooooooooo Year"
Muahaha!! Guess who's finger is that.. XD
Happy New Year to my Hippy too..Love my Hippy much much..
so bored so I started playing with camera

On the 1st day and 2nd day I balik kampung..On the 3rd day,I went to my aunt's house and finally can meet my leng lui cousin to chat with her..I still rmb many ppl ask me about her once I post her pic on my blog..HAHA..including Wei Chuen tt pervert..=_=
there you go..me and my cousin sis..form 4 dis yr..and she's taller than me!!
the deco too special so much take few pics..
eat banyak banyak limau..
can't see me muahaha
playing with limau~
real orchids
my cousin say I have long legs O.o
use my cousin as background..HAHA..no lar..she was busy on the phone =_=
very boring lerrrr~ until I pose with evrything I found HAHA
I have to plan to hang out or something during this CNY..It's the only semester break for me!! RAWR!! And I have lotsa lotsa homework!! Where la ppl do homework or study for test during CNY..Who say dun have? me lar me lar! haha *why do I sound so excited=_=*

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