Happy New Year!!

January 01, 2009

First of all..
Happy New Year to everyone out there!!

Yesterday,after Orientation Day,I went Sunway Pyramid with 17 people - Wei Ji, Tzen Haw, Julius, Debbie, Astin, Eng Yuan, Boon Wei, Christopher, Wei Chuen, Jun Mun, Cindy, Kong Weng, Ren Hong, Yi Rui, Wei Hong, Xing Leng, Isaac, and Wei Wei..countdown with every1 but this time with Kheng Aik,Zhen Ting and a few more..excluding Wei Wei and Ren Hong..
Wei Ji driving frm MV to Sunway Pyramid

First we had lunch at ZenMai - japanese restaurant and then watch Bedtime Stories..later,we walked a while..when Forest to find Kong Weng coz he worked there..
go find Kong Weng there lar!
Wei Chuen and Liki
Christopher and Liki
A nicer pic..picture above makes Chris looked so blur..haha

we wanted to had dinner at Italianese - zomg, I still rmb having dinner b4 countdown at Italianese last year! but it was full..so we went Station 1 cafe..celebrated Tzen Haw's birthday as well..we had the ppl there to sing bday song for him and a msg frm all of us..but,it sucked..turned out bad =(
spaghetti tt evry1 ordered..
Tzen Haw's cake..
Wei Chuen and Liki
oh no..we were sticking to each othr tt night..

Later,we walked to a nice spot where u can watch the fireworks frm lagoon at Sunway..We got lost in the car park..and went every floor..every floor has different smell..LOL..Finally we found a nice spot..but it was quiet there..we wanted to spray but those ppl looks like good citizens there..HAHA
nice spot..
way to Lagoon
look up..

There it go..3...2....1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *spray* and *more spray*..My whole body was string and foam..like taking bath..haha..then We stopped by at Kah Joon's house on the way back..then dropped Debbie and Cathy..then me..ahhh..wat a great time..had so much fun..=)

Here's a wish from me to all of you:

Leave those sad memories in 2008 and move on to 2009..May your 2009 filled with joy and happiness..best of luck in everything..don't forget..You've gotto love Liki and love Liki and live life to the fullest! XD

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