I Need Your Help

January 09, 2009

College life is seriously hectic..If you guys think college life is relaxing..too much time to waste..NO!! You are WRONG!! My class timetable is okayy for me..but..my class have 24 students now(1 just joined) ,8 guys only..and during biology class there's only 3 guys!!!OMG..Where la my motivation to study? =_____=
Btw,I'm having this headache right now..I'm currently taking bio,chem and math in express class..I'm only allowed to take 3 subject in express class..I'm considering of taking physics -maybe? as my fourth subject bcz they say it's better to have a standby sub since many ppl getting 3A now..besides, some university only accept 4 subjects..what should I do?

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