It's Never Too Late..

January 08, 2009

HAHA..I was LATE for the first class in college today..damn proud eh? Wei Ji shld have told me earlier that his class is 8.30am =_=..Anyway,I'm not only late..I entered the WRONG class! I entered to this class with only 6 ppl..and the lecturer was like "Are you new here?" I say"ya?" then she say "I think you're lost" =_=...I thought today was MONDAY!! damn blurr!!! haha..Luckily my lecturer x scold me for being late for the first class..phewww..
The classes were rather exciting..I didn't fell asleep =)..the lecturers were good..only the chemistry lecturer seems like a bit strict..Nothing much..class started and stuff..will be busy soon..College life is tiring..=/

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