Last Post of Year 2008 : How Much I Miss High School Life..

December 31, 2008

I went back to Form1 Orientation Day in CHS tdy..guess wat? I've nvr been to CHS Orientation Day! I've been to Orientation Day in Assunta Secondary when I was in Form1..I was accepted in Assunta as well as CHS..So I went Assunta first and then to CHS..It was never a regret to be in CHS..

I miss high school..when I entered back CHS,feels like I'm stil part of this school..I grew up here and meet great friends here..I didn't regret joining choir and knowing lots of great people..

I told Wei Lon to be in school at 8am and I myself was late for an hour..haha..sorry >.<..I miss choir room..When I stepped in,there's a warm family feel surronding me..gosh,how much I love CHS and choir.. My choir babes are performing during the orientation today and they did great..although there's just a few guys roxx!! I used to be on that stage..

I wanna rewind time..I wanna be back in CHS..back to Form2 - 2A4 year 2005 is the best! I miss everything..

last pic of year 2008! I'ma prepare to go countdown d!

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