Original Is The New Tomorrow

January 03, 2009

Hey readers!! So how was your new year celebration? It's a brand new year..and I know..new life awaits me..I've decided to change my hairstyle..no CJ,I know I change my hairstyle evryday I visit you at MV..haha
tell me I looked good ^^

I've decided not to perm or dye my hair..I didn't wan the chemicals to kill my hair when I'm young..my cousin told me that usually people dye their hair bcz they don't like their original hair colour OR they have white hair to cover..I have neither! Plus I kinda like my natural hair colour though XD..It was so bored sitting in saloon for 6-7 hours!! Felt like I did nothing today..I might dye my hair when I'm older..around 20?

At least now I still can tell people "Hey yo..my hair is original!" XD

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