R.I.P My Friend..

January 25, 2009

I received an expected sms this early morning..

It all happened so fast..I wish I had the chance to apologise for evry mistake I did..I should have agreed to dance..You always have that bright smile on your face..I love your dance..I love the joy you carried for people around you..
I love your performance..
I rmb we were looking for the mask together..
the Sphinx

I first knew you was that when you joined choir in form2..but I wasn't that close to you..2 years ago,I begin to know you more through Shi Ning..I know you love to sing..especially those emo love song..and you really love to dance..you were so good..

I remember..when I was told you suffered frm leukemia..I cried on the spot..I couldn't accept the fact..but it could have been worst for u..what I did was to pray..pray that you'll be fine..and I know you will because you have such a strong will..the last time I saw you was during Prom Night..You were alright that time..You were fine and smiling happily..Remember we supported you all along? I remember..during graduation,everyone stood up as a sign of respect when you took your leaving certificate..We're all touched..The campfire show was great!! You didn't screw up..It wasn't your fault..I saw you..lying on the ground in the hall..in tears..blaming it's all your fault..seriously,it wasn't! The unexpected happened and it's all accident! Nobody wished it happened..I prayed..for every single night..before I sleep..that you would be fine..

I love to hang out with you..I love to go karaoke with you..You taught me how to dance..You taught me how to play snooker..You taught me how to rap..You taught me how to bowl..You advised me how to be in a good relationship..

At one point..I just realised how much you really love her..and I remember you telling me"I believe, her and I will meet up 1day... and that day isn't far from now.."
I miss your voice..I miss your dance..I miss your smile..I miss your everything..We missed you..We love you..We're not ready to let you go..Can you see us? Hear us? Feel what we're feeling? I hope you can..but I guess God loved you more..So He took you to a better place... a happier place..And we're all happy for you..

I'm glad that we were once a friend..
Now all left is memories..
And I will never forget these memories..
You will always be the best dancer in my heart..

Rest In PeaceTeoh Yee Sook

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