Astin's Birthday Party

February 08, 2009



Wei Ji fetch me early in the morning and then went to Debbie's house..Thanks to Debbie for making breakfast for me =)..we just stopped by for a while then went to Sunway Pyramid..
Debbie's doggy!! So cutee!!!
as usual XD

I was a bit tired I slept late last night and woke up early this morning cz Wei Ji say he's coming my house at 11am..=_=..but almost 12pm only he come..haha! Reached Astin's place but she wasn't there..She's also been busy since morning..preparing food and stuff..Birthday girl oso need to do all these..ask othr ppl do ma..So we helped out lor..
Kong Weng and Liki
preparing food..
Kong Weng and Liki again..weeeeee~
Behind: Yee Aun and Ee Lynn
Front: Astin,Kong Weng,Liki

our sexyback
Liki and the birthday girl - Astin
love the polka dotspose pose..
Liki,Astin,Wei Kuang
I was looking at the wall actually haha!
poolside partyy!!
Nice friends =)
the girls - Jie Yi,Yee Aun,Astin,Ee Lynn,Liki
Liki and Debbie
tired-nye..I mau sleeping adyy
CJ smile till so cute haha
Liki and Calvin
Calvin was testing my camera LOL
I love DSLR lar...
Liki and Bobo!!
Calvin closing his eyes..LOL..I miss bullying him T___T
Liki and Wei Hong
trying to seduce tt ugly statue..
Astin and Liki
CJ and KennyLiki and Wei Hong
Rmb these ppl? =) the Mun Hon house gang LOL
this picture damn funny..I stil have the video LOL
Bobo and Liki
saw me and Calvin behind? O.o
kids...Astin turning 18 and we turning 8!!
trying to be kid!!
Kenny bully me!!
there Brian goes..flying without wings..
Astin's birthday cake..
Wei Ji's car got this cute stuff...weeee~
Astin so cute haha
group pictures..

After party,we went to "Kayu" to yum cha..and then Wei Ji fetch us back-Boon Wei,Debbie and me..Thanks so much for being the driver XP..Anyway..Astin!! Great party =)

*more photos..still with Jia Cheng and Kenny*

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