The Moon

February 10, 2009

I just happened to have the mood to stared at the moon today..It was so round and big and bright..I couldn't stop staring at it..It was so beautiful..It flashes my memory..where I used to celebrate mooncake festival with 2A4..hehe..We used to celebrate ANYTHING!! Chinese New Year..Mooncake Festival..New Year..Christmas..Birthdays..Thaipusam..Ramadhan..LOL!! and we will all gathered together..have a heart-to-heart talk..I miss tt moment when we were together..I miss CHS..I miss all my friends..
I told u it's reli bright..
the moon burst!! No lar choi!! fireworks!! I see fireworks almost evry month
separated under the same sky..

I really really miss everyone of them..I miss high school..I miss the time we spend together..we can't make silly jokes of tchr together anymore..we can't climb in the class through windows together anymore..we can't laugh till tears come out together anymore..we don't see each other everyday..I cherish every moment we spend together..They made my high school life a memorable and meaningful memory tt is stucked in my head..the 2A4..the choir..some close friends of mine..I felt like I'm missing out a lot..
U guys miss me or not?

I really do..

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