New Year Party @ Mun Hon's hse

February 01, 2009

I went driving in the morning..weeeeeeee~ It's the first time Liki driving on the road!!..HOME!! It's such a small world..I saw Jia Jie learning driving as well XD..I was stunt..We both stared at each othr for sum time b4 waving..haha..what a coincidence!

After driving,I went home and take bath while waiting for Jason..He's gonna pick me up and go somewhere-we haven't decide to go where..We drove aimlessly but finally the road that we're going is heading to Mv so we just go Mv only lar..I haven't had my lunch that I told Jason that I wanna eat Sushi!! We went to Sushi King and what another coincidence! Jason was sitting next to a guy and next to a guy was Mei Wei and Hui Xian! Four of us were talking while the guy is in the middle..HAHA
nobody was talking photo there so I just took the center view XD
haha..those ppl was like looking at me when I took this..>.<

We went to Mun Hon's house later..Jason can rmb the road! O.o..I forgot already! Haha..It's nice to see everyone again..
Wei Ji looks like he's shitting money
Zhen Yoong damn cute weyy..saw tt "feng shui" he did?
changed to this..still got 1 more..I x take >.<
Liki and Debbie
Liki and Wei Ji
Mun Hon and Liki
Liki and Kok Hoe
Liki and retard-Zhen Yoong
Liki and Boon Wei
Liki and Kai Jie
Liki and Kun Heng
err..wat's his name?
Liki and Aaron..he drank..look at his eyes..closing d
Liki and Shi Ning
Liki and Ren Hong - long time no see!
Chun Hui and Liki
AQ and Liki
Kuo Wei and Liki..OMG..he was like "you want to stand on the stool a not?" =_=..he's 186cm RAWR
so cute rite? In guy's room lehh!!
Kong Weng and Zhen Ting was so "high" playing PS2
Kong Weng and Liki
Zhen Ting and Liki
Aaron looked like he's being raped..
actually they're fighting for tt toy =_=
the toy then hit me..until my camera and hp flew away
so many beer!!
Liki and Astin
Jason and Liki
Liki,Mun Hon,Jason

I lost RM5!! I really sucks at gambling ler..=_=..Wei Ji,you've gotto teach me how to gamble!! Even Astin oso pro d!! T___T Chun Hui and Shi Ning keep drinking wine..7-8 cups I think..Chun Hui even broke a glass..I don't dare and I don't want to drink..*rmb the Pangkor thingy?* Ya..Aaron keep luring me to drink..I ask for 100 Plus,he give me beer..When I was drunk in Pangkor,I stole Mun Hon's beer as well..WAHAHA!!

We played till quite late..Zhen Ting have to climb over the wall to get into his own house..seriously climb..I witnessed it with my own eyes =_=..Thanks to Jason for being my driver again XD..I'ma tired already..good night..and Happy Chinese New Year!

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