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February 19, 2009

Ya..ytd was damn sad..frightened and scared..It was fine till I went house..kinda got robbed..but the guy only stole kitchen stuff..he even stole the gas!! The gas damn heavy wan leh!! I dunno..maybe the guy wants to practise to be a chef or something..but it was really my hse area was really safe for 4 years can't cook dinner for us..RAWR..

Mukhand suggested us to wear green shirts today..Maybe coz he wants us to save his food(he's a vegetarian) haha!! and we all did! damn united rite? ^^ Ms Joy,our english teacher didn't turned up for class so we have 3 hours break straight!! Damn chun!! haha..we were chatting in class until the next class student got furious and knocked the wall -asking us to keep down lor- Many ppl skip MS today..and I'm still such a good student..I nvr skipped MS b4 until now..hehe..
I was playing with Xian Tze's camera..
I just realised TJ is tall LOL
this is the only clear picture I got..

After college,I went home,bath and took dinner..then Lily came over..weeeee~ Helping her out with the promtay stuff..She then use my laptop to do while I doing homework on my bed..
Lily just so randomly put my sunglasses on me and snapped =_=
testing with Lily's camera..
She's concentrating on her work
banyak banyak homework ar!!!
I'm sooooo lazy to do!!!

College = stress..I thought v'll only suffer during midyear..but it's only February now!! sighh..I'm looking forward to weekend every week..I need more time..Why we only have 24 hours? I need time to cope up with so many things..sighh T___T

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