Spring Choral Concert

February 22, 2009

I'm gonna say this agn..College is seriously stress..I have two/three test in the following week so I won't be updating my blog>.<..Many homework and test!! Why can't we have a break? I'm tired..physically and mentally..Went dentist this morning for my braces and then visit my art teacher..She kept saying that I looked tired and stress =/..even Rong Hui,in NS,told me that the way I sound tired and stress too..TJ also told me that I seemed serious this few days..sighh..=(

At night,I went to watch "Spring Choral Concert" at Stadium Chinwoo Selangor & Kuala Lumpur at 7.30pm..Miaw Fen fetch Shi Ning,me and Chia Feng frm our school 7-Eleven..-Thanks for the ride XD- the choir juniors told us that they miss us very much..hehe..I miss them too XD I promise to go back when I'm free kay?
the poster..outside the stadium
I like Shi Ning's short hair ^^
Liki and Chia Feng
ticket to access..
inside the stadium
Liki and Shi Ning
Chia Feng emo LOL..he's the only guy..pity him ler..nobody to talk to =(
Front: Miaw Fen,Yoon Leen,Nian Xin
Back: Shi Ning,Liki,Ting Jia,Melanie,Melody

Ting Jia and Liki -I looked like I make up O.o-
kids singing!! good weyy!! vry round voice..
spot the leng chai XD
they even sang in front of us!
this reminds me of "The Bare Neccessities" sang by us,CHS Choir
the end of the show..

The concert was great!! RM17 is definately worth it! Their vocal..tempo..was good! They even accabella! There's a part when out of tune a little..and their pronounciation not reli good..I can't hear what they are singing..other than tt they're good =) Presented by Chong Hwa Independent High School Choir KL,La Voce,and Tarrega Teenagers & Children Choir..Tik Lam asked me to join the Tarrega Teenagers & Children Choir..I'll think about it..I'm picking up dance agn next month to de-stress..I just can't study only..no life for Liki

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