Test Week

February 27, 2009

Wednesday was English test,Thursday was Math test and today is Chemistry and Physics test..You say stress or not leh?

For the one whole weekday I did not touch the computer..nor watch tv..Usually I reached home around 7pm,I'll take bath then sit on my study desk doing homework or studying till 11pm and then prepare to sleep..There's one day in this week where I even skipped my dinner because I FORGOT that I haven't ate my dinner =_=Nothing much happen this week..cz what's in my head is all about test..

Anyway,my college friends and I had made a "colour of the day" on every wednesday =) This week was brown colour!
Mukand wanna curi snap my pic but I pose quick enough..weeee~
and he tries to "pick" me up with his BROWN finger HAHA
and I pose quick enough again XD
Zhi Yuen is the camera man here..
all look up people!
and lastly..all of us..nobody is the camera man..

I felt so disconnected from the world weyy! Kah Men had her hair short,Calvin have blog - recently failed his driving test..SCARY weyyy!! Talk about driving test,I'm having my driving test on the coming Monday so I'm not going college..but wait..I sucked in studying..and now I sucked in driving too?? GOSH I'm soooo worried bout the driving test after worrying bout my college test T___T

Help me?

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