This Is What I Called A College Life

February 07, 2009

Been such a busy week after CNY..have to catch up wit with homework and studies which I'm supposed to be doing it during CNY..haha!Our class ends at 10.30am on thursday because the A-Levels department staff are having lunch together..So I went to Sunway Pyramid with Xian Tze,Kimberly,Zhi Yuen,Teng Jong and Hui Ling..Zhi Yuen drove us again =)..thanks for being our driver!!

We just shopped around..had lunch in Kim Gary while Kimberly went to have lunch with her mentor(ALSCO)..After lunch,I jalan-jalan with Brynn..After Brynn left,I was quite shocked to find out they're all in first,they said they wanna go bowling or watch movie..AND I SAW CALVIN TAN JZE KHIM!! I know I damn excited..I am vry vry vry happy to see him T___T sighhh..I miss those times..=/ Apparently we're all addicted to the para-para machines(dancing)..So fun weyyy!! We played till we forget the time..and late to the musical..haha!.Mr.Kingsley said I have good face expression..Nahhh..not's the CHS Choir trained me XD.. I heard tt the New Comer's Day for CHS Choir was a blast..great job! I'm so happy for u guys..Tell me more bout it kay? =)
Zhi Yuen and Xian Tze dancing..

Had chemistry test today..SCREWED IT!! I simply do only..didn't study pun! first I dun feel like going to the A-Levels Orientation..was convinced by Kimberly and Hui Ling..=_=..But I didn't regret! I had so much fun!! We were divided into groups and play games..I was in Group 6 with Hui Ling,Revan,Wun Khang,Siew Li,Fareen,etc..there's 10 of us lar..and we WON!! weeeeeeee~
the "line" game..
wat..I really dunno how to tie shoelace!
We WON!!!Group 6!!!
act yeng..haha..
open open..
guess wat's inside? Answer: junk food =_=

The fun didn't end..Revan suggested we go para-para again in Pyramid..LOL? I even dreamed bout it last night! So we went..and I was back home around 7pm+..=_=..Zhi Yuen was like "have fun u guys..see u all ADDICTS on tuesday" LOL!! Damn tiring weyyy..but fun lar..Must enjoy life to the fullest mar hor? Cannot neglect studies!!

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