♥Valentine Day♥

February 15, 2009

♥Happy Valentine Day people!!^^

I'm blogging right here in Chin Ming's house =) This years valentine is very special and meaningful to me..Tell you wat..I never celebrate Valentine Day b4..seriously..Tt's y I said this years is very special..I gave my Valentine celebration virginity to the people who means a lot to me..very special and meaningful people in my life..Hearts you guys a lot!!!

Lily came to my house around 12pm..I just woke up when she reached HAHA..and she thought she was late..I chatted with her..updated her bout what I do and what happened when she left to Italy..hehe..so happy she's back..I really am..summore can celebrate valentine with her!! We didn't realised tt it's quite late already..We thought of getting cake since it's valentine..a love shape wan..but it's quite pricey and small portion..so we just grabbed any chocolate cake..
Lily rocks!! Thanks 4 being my driver..love ya!!!

When I reach Chin Ming's house..I felt like long time nvr been to this area..miss the moment rushing to skl..I'm always late to Chin Ming's hse but we managed to reach skl on time HAHA! Once I stepped in the house..OMG!!! I was SURPRISED!!! Before tt,Chin Ming keep texting and calling me..asking when I reached..saying that Kah Men is waiting for me..I feel so..cheated weyy..T___T but..I'm reli surprised!!! I'm touched!!! I'm soo happy!!! I dunno what to say..I was stunt..my mind was blank for few seconds..

At first,he say he couldn't celebrate valentine with me..though I wanted to celebrate together so badly..he said he will ganti valentine celebration with me..then..he turned up in front of me..T____T I'm touched la..thanks dear..^^
Brynn and Liki
Liki and Lily..I'm glad you're back in 1 piece..hehe..
Kah Men and Sum Hooir's bday cake!!
Valentine cake!! suppose to be love shape rite?haha..
Kah Men and Sum Hooi
weeeeeee~ makan makan
group pic..but bit blur..
Calvin..so good in acting hor?
Yik Luei,CJ,Wen Jie
Yi Lynn,Kah Men,Chin Ming
Yik Luei,CJ,Wen Jie,Liki
Liki and Calvin,the Pooh!
Wen Jie look so cute weyy =) see how he tie the curtain haha
haha..this show..is..err..haha..
Cj and Calvin..sooo cute XD
Chin Ming and Wen Jie..the husband and wife..HAHA
Liki and Cj
yam seng!!!
Cj and Wen Jie decorate..

Cornetto Love Advertisement:
#1 Calvin Tan
#2 Wen Jie
#3 Cj
#4 Chin Ming

So which is your favourite choice? XD haha

We chat..have some heart-to-heart talk..and laugh like usual..talk loudly like usual..I miss them banyak-banyak arrr!!! It's..just us..I can just be myself in front of them..I don't have to act or pretend to be somebody..This is my most memorable valentine..I am stil surprised la!! you all(Chin Ming,CJ,Brynn) can win Oscar Award ady hor?haha..you know I want to celebrate valentine with you..and my friends..you did kill two birds with 1 stone..Thanks soooo much..I really love you guys..and You <3 Happy Valentines ♥

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