Valentine Week

February 13, 2009

Hey people..Valentine is tomorrow..wat's your plan? Dinner? Movie? hehe..I'm very busy with college..homeworks and studies..I will try to update my blog as often as possible..=) Seriously A-Levels arr...NO LIFE!!! everyday'm spending my whole time in college..Soon I'm gonna turned crazy!! Facing four walls in classroom..RAWR.. and the average time I spend in college is about 10 hours!! =_=..And I'll have test at least once a week!!

Anyway..skipped bout tt boring and hectic study life of mine..Move on to the fun part!! =)It was Wei Ji's birthday yesterday..Debbie and I planned to have a surprise for Wei Ji..BUT FAILED!! bcz Wei Ji saw Debbie when she came up to 3rd floor to look for me!! Debbie and I were so disappointed =( I think Wei Ji still shocked to see her lar..haha..
Wei Ji posing with my present

AND,yesterday was the chocolate-eating competition..I didn't know because I was outside having lunch with TJ..After lunch,I was so bored and Sarah told me there's chocolate-eating competition held in cafeteria and Mukand joined!! LOL! I was so excited and went to the cafeteria wanted to cheer for Mukand..When I reached was the final round..and I'm so surprised to see FOONG TIAN YUAN was the top 3 finalist!! Fuiyohhh..cannot underestimate Tian Yuan weyy..he is the smallest size there summore..the pre-elimentary round they ate already..then final round they have to eat 20 BIG pieces of chocolate..I heard it tasted bad too O.o..
Mukand and Tian Yuan sooo semangat want to win!
just look at Tian Yuan's face!
lots of people participate..
and yet Tian Yuan managed to enter final round!
he felt like vomiting already..
I was like yelling "Catholik High School spirit!! GOOOOOOO Tian Yuan!!!!"
u damn yeng lar!!
and in conjuction with valentine,my friends and I planned to wear red/pink
the A-Levels board
we made our math thcr,Mr.Lee angry and walked out of wrote a "love note" for him
silly Mukand
love balloon!
Ur mommy? HAHA

Oh ya,we have the love auction too!! U auction urself and ppl bid u start frm RM2 to have lunch with you..HAHA
the last seen by me..
Liki - Hui Yee - Cher Tieng
I dunno wat's the girl in white name..
yea right..Tian Yuan gave me roses..

After tt,I went to Taylor University College to buy books..then had lunch is Asia area..Semua CHS-ians..I saw Wei Jiat,Eng Yuan,Wei Hong,Ying Yi,etc..supposed to go ice-skating wit my friends in college after class but I have driving lessons =( sad to say..I start to hate driving ady..I rather be the passenger!

P/S : I can't wait for Valentine Day tomorrow <3

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