Always Together

March 15, 2009

Today,we had like a small gathering/party at CJ's house..many ppl was invited but thye didn't turned up =/..luckily Wen Jie,Calvin,Chin Ming,Yik Luei, Astin, and Ee zhen came..

Watched horrow movie - nah not scary mahjong and I brought my hw there to do!!
Calvin was laughing and saying "you all look damn cute playing mahjong la" when he snap this

We had steamboat at CJ's was really random and messy~ CJ have like a storage of seemed like he don't have to worry during winter - if there's winter in Malaysia..we make tom yam soup by adding ingredients ourselves..overall it was fun =)..I had the family feel~ We ate for two hours..yea..I can see that Wen Jie is becoming like a pregnant lady already
and the special blue sparkling juice..

Kah Men is leaving to Japan for one year on Tuesday and CJ is going to NS for three month on Thursday..sad..two of my closest best friend is leaving..

I just want you guys to know that we will miss you and love you..

All for One and One For All =)

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