Buatan Malaysia In KLPac

March 29, 2009

The Young Choral Academy (YCA) Chamber Choir, the result of the merger between the YCA Youth Chamber Choir and the Young KL Singers’ (YKLS) Chamber Choir, will be announcing their arrival in the Malaysian music scene with their debut production, ‘Buatan Malaysia’ featuring arrangements of Malaysian choral music..

We both were told to help out at the stage but Wei Lon forgot to inform me about it!! It was a last minute thing that Wei Lon and I decided to attend..and so..it's too late..anyway..We didn't wanna miss out this event so we still attend XD..The show starts at 3pm today and I meet up with Wei Lon from CHS and he drove me to KLPac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre)..OMG..Although I've been for quite sometime,I couldn't remember the road..I was surprised to see Wei Lon having the GPS tool in the car..it's soooooo cool!!!
blur Wei Lon
look at the GPS!!!
close-up..DAMN COOL leh!!

We were lost..at first..but managed to reach there by 3pm.we just missed two songs only..=/..It's only one hour show..oh ya,it was sooo dark in the theatre till this guy hold my hand cz he thought I was his gf =_=..kayyy..I feel so geli~ anyway,they sang all "buatan Malaysia" songs..nice =) Ooooo,I saw Tengku Sheril Amirah singing XD After the show,I walked around with Wei Lon since Tik Lam,Yik Luei and Lee Lyn were busy with their stuff..I miss KLPac..the scenary is so nice there..can go there for picnic haha! Wei Lon and I went backstage to kacau them HAHA..and then Wei Lon took us out to eat dim sum in the evening..hehe..
the poster..
long time didn't camwhore already..
snap snap snap
I'm in the toilet by the way..
I love my colour contact lens!!! first time wearing!!
I bet Wei Lon must be wondering if I drop into the toilet bowl
oh ya,the toilet is also very clean and nice XD
Wei Lon and Yik Luei outside Pentas 2
love the place..
kissy kissy
behind is the Japanese restaurant
we walked in a nice garden..
one of the buildings there
another side..

While I was sitting beside the pond..I...err...Okay..to tell you the truth..I've never seen duck before!! Only in television or cartoon type..but today..I saw it!!!!
two little white duck
OMG!!! They're soooooo FRIGGING CUTE!!!
owh look!! the tortoise friend!!

OMG OMG OMG!!! Ducks are soooooooo cute!! Their feet is so cute when swimming!!! so cute so cute sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

After sending everyone back,Wei Lon and I go back to CHS using the GPS..it does work!!
Wei Lon got distracted from driving when I snap this pic..almost went up the bump

Anyway,it's the Earth Hour today..
I'm blogging with lights off!!

Remember to switch off your lights kay??

Ducks are sooooooooooooooooooo effing cute!!!

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