A Day Tour In Sunway Unversity College..

March 07, 2009

Okay..my post title is so damn weird..haha! Anyway,today was supposed to be my physics test but teacher postponed it..yay! hehe..and today is the first mentor-mentee session..
the LG Ice-Cream promotion came to my skl and give free Baskin Robbin ice-cream where Xian Tze and Zhi Yuen goes crazy about..

I thought what? mentor-mentee? Do wat? half an hour wor? btw,Mr.Lee,my math teacher is my mentor..damn funny la..he bring forward the mentor-mentee session from 2.30pm to 1.30pm..and then..we went in the classroom..he asked us to sign the paper..and then he say "okayy..I got announcement to make..thursday is a holiday! you can leave now.." I was like.."huh? =_=.." and then Brynn called so I picked up the phone..and I went back in to take my bag..he was like "eiii you still wan to come back?" then I say "Mr.Lee,seriously can go back already? =_=" and then he say "those who never come today tell them to see me on tuesday"..then I say "what? to tell them thursday is a holiday?" Mr.Lee then point at me"waaa..I haven't say,you already say what I want to say" =_=

After that less than 3mins mentor-mentee session,I went and tour around the campus coz I have never really walked around campus..this time I have Reban as my tour guide..this is like damn cool weyyy!! I realise our campus is really really nice!!
I was in classroom in 5th floor..
zoom in and see what word is that LMAO
imagine I'm the lecturer XD
entered boys toilet..and someone saw =_=
a board in front of the toilet..
this is soooo cool!
I nvr knew college had such place..
the view inside..
Reban tries to make me look stupid
I asked him to pose with tt signboard..then he straight away to this..LMAO
really nice lar!
it's kinda scary looking down from 5th floor..
and I found another cool restaurant in campus..
super high class!
special lift!
the lecture theatre is soooooooooooo amazing!!
look at what Reban doing =_=
holding my bottle~
really nice weyyy!
so comfortable to sit >.<
went over to the other side of the building..
printing room

This is like sooooo cool! and amazing! I was so excited to tour around the campus~ I found some short-cut and stuff..I don't think I finished touring the campus..I should tour more around the campus..it is really fun!! like a maze!!

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