Give Your Stress Wings And Let It Fly Away

March 28, 2009

Finally it's friday..haizz..pondering what has happened this's soooo fast!!! and so many things happened this week..With Lily around..there's always surprises!! weeeee~ Lily and my class only starts at 9.30am..we reached college around 8.30am..the car park was full!! and the guard was like (evil) smilling at us and wave his hand..LOL!! Lily and I got panic and we went to find for the car park outside..luckily we found..phewww..

Mr.Kingsley scare us today by setting a test on something we haven't learn before..but end up no la..he was just joking..and Xian Tze was so voice changed already..because I'm having flu and sore throat..I can't talk properly..*atishoo* haha..TJ didn't realise I was sick until yesterday =_=

Oh ya..I have one very happy news!! I received Kah Men's letter from Japan already!! I can't wait to meet up with my 2a4 gangsters again..we're gonna have a gathering once every one month to read Kah Men's letter and reply to her..I haven't opened the letter yet..can't wait to open it..

finally it's weekend..I'd better get some rest after stressing my body so much for this week..struggling to study for test although I'm sick..>.<

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