I Passed! X3

March 02, 2009

Winner picture


Thanks for all the good luck wishes =) it worked!

I'm soooo happy weyy..I skipped college for this and it worth!! Woke up early to wear contact lens..stuff myself with two pau so I won't get hungry when driving later haha..I saw 10 ex-CHS-ians in total =_= I saw Stephanie(college mate) too,but she's under the afternoon session..the cars..cool~

I went exam with aunty and Jia Chie,but Jia Chie went n took on the road first so aunty and I was waiting for slope,parking and three point turn..When it was almost aunty and my turn,the guy standing in front of me was soo nervous until he squat down and let aunty and me go first..there's two lane to go up slope,aunty was beside me,and she failed..I ALMOST FAILED the slope..but lucky I stopped at the yellow box,but when I wanna go,the car start to slide down..I quickly press break and pull the hand break harder..LUCKILY I AM STILL IN THE YELLOW BOX! and I pressed the accelerators so hard tt the car went super loud that I couldn't even hear my own voice..and everyone was like staring at me..even Jia Chie waiting frm pondok was so worried about me

Next was the parking,it was okay..the clutch was quite loose and lousy..hard to control..but lucky I can control XD..you're suppose to put your hand out after parking,but when I put my hand,nobody seemed to choi me,I put the other side also nobody choi me,so I was thinking,fine..I just go and move on to three point turn..

Three point turn was good!.though uncle said before "where got ppl accelerate when doing three point turn? So dangerous lar..I don't dare to get down frm car already.." haha

I waited like super long for my turn to be on the road..but not as long as aunty waited lar..I went on the road..probably coz I waited to long,I have no feelings already..went in the car..adjust the seat and mirrors..test the signal and wiper..hmmm..and went..the car in front of me was also the candidate for driving test,but he "mati engine"..so the JPJ guy asked me to cut his car..thank god I never "mati engine" at all weyyy!! so proud =D

Uncle: you how?
*uncle holding my results paper and started smiling*
* Liki thinking,what's with THAT smile =_=..anyway I'm happy!*
Liki: uncle! damn scary you know..I quickly made friend with the car..
Uncle: *stil smiling but trying to act cool* no need to sket wan lar..
Uncle: 1 time then pass..even your brother also take two times..
*evil grin*

before that,uncle was like "you ar..I know you well from driving..when you nervous you don't know what are you doing..I sket of you the most"

But I passed!! weeee~

Lily then came over and belanja me lunch said tt cz I passed..Thanks so much dear =) I will keep my promise of you being my first passenger!! and we just start camwhoring and playing dress up..she..messing my closet XD
mood : happy =)
OMG I'm not trying to be perasan,but I looked like I have body shape here haha
Lily make up for me..
I'll wear sunglasses when driving~
Lily made me pose like this haha
looking thru the old pictures..
I got this as choir souvenir by the juniors XD
Lily and her funny faces..
we both looked dark here >.<
Lily's style ~
Overall,I'm happy that I passed driving..seriously..That means LIKI CAN DRIVE LEGALLY ALREADY!!! =)

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