A Life Time Experience (real story)

March 20, 2009

"What a day..." said Liki

I kept repeating this since early in the morning..Today is the first day for march intake 09 in Sunway University College..and Lily is in the same college as me!!! weeeeeee~ but she's taking AUSMAT..awww~ at least,I have people to accompany to and fro from college..I'll be driving my car on Monday and Tuesday..then Wednesday,Thursday and Friday we'll be using her car..

Lily came to my house early in the morning..she seemed so excited to start college on the first day..She asked me to drive her manual brown saga..I've promised that she'll be my first passenger..and I really wanna drive her..honestly,I don't really know how to drive manual..not forgetting that I just got my P license two weeks ago..Now I'm wondering how I actually passed my driving test LOL..

I was very sleepy in the morning..I reached college with a wide open eyes..Firstly,we left at 8.20am and my class starts at 8.30am..So I have to speed up right? Secondly..it is my first time driving manual car without my instructor! Thirdly,Lily's car window couldn't wine down..So,when taking ticket or paying toll,I need to open the door..and then wear back my seatbelt..=_= I basically cause traffic jam in college..bcz after taking the ticket to enter the parking lots,I forget to change to gear 1 and I accelerate..Lily and I got so panic..luckily the person people was considerate enough..then Lily made me to do reverse parking..I did it! because the place we park was far from all the cars LOL..I almost entered wrong classroom!

After college,I drove Teng Jong and Lily back..it was okay at first..I drove the car too close to the machine until the Sunway Guard came and asked "aiyoo..sangat dekat..boleh masuk tiket tak?" and then..Lily and Teng Jong said they wanna get McD..so I drove in..the guy in the "drive-thru" was already laughing when I opened Lily's car door and order..it was fine..til I start to going..Suddenly,I felt the car was tilted..Lily,sitting beside me,seemed shorter..OMG..the car went up the bump! SHIT! the guy still laughing!! =_=

And then..it was okay..until I was stucked in the jam at a slope!! and I couldn't go up and slope!! I was in the middle of the road! Oh gosh! I looked at the mirror behind..It was a Mercedes Bens!! GOSH! and the car start rolling down!! Lily and I was screaming in the car!! Teng Jong,who was sitting at the back pulled the handbreak..thank god he is there! I bet Lily was too nervous to remember bout the handbreak..oh wait,I'm the driver LOL! I quickly pressed the emergency signal,exchange place with Lily and she drove back..pheww~

The most interesting part,we drove to pasar malam.."Your house to my house only ma..what will happened?" said Lily..the road was packed with cars..and when a car came from the opposite direction,I turned left..and *BOOM*..I hit a green Myvi..Lily screamed "F***"!! I was like "OH MY GOD"..and the car behind start to hon..I reverse my car..and drove to Lily's house..

We were both shocked..I couldn't speak..we both felt so guilty that we wanted to stick a note in the car cz the driver went down to pasar malam..I even rang the bell of somebody houses to ask if it's their car..haiz..the car left when Lily and I went back the second time..
our "sorry note"
our second "sorry note"

Liki: nevermind la Lily..you won't experience this if I didn't drive right? XD

do read Lily's blog too (link)

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