Malacca Trip Day 1

March 08, 2009

This Malacca Trip was a very sudden,spontaneous and random trip..I received sms from Wen Jie asking me whether I'm free on 7-9th March during my class..I was soooo happy to see that message and straight away say "yes..I'm free" without second thought..

I went to Malacca trip with Kah Men,Chern Jung,Calvin,Wen Jie,Chin Ming and Yik Luei..If you know none of them,you obviously are not reading my blog XP..haha..and I slept quite late the night b4 the trip haha..

We were told to gather at 8.30am in KFC opposite pudu raya bus station..I first go to Chin Ming's house and he'll fetch me der..It was so funny..he stopped under a bridge..and called Wen Jie asking him where's KFC..I was looking outside the window..and I saw the KFC which is just in front of us..Chin Ming was really blur that morning..
Liki and Kah Men in the bus!

We then took bus to Malacca..I was sitting with Kah Men,beside Kah Men was Calvin,behind Calvin was Wen Jie and Chern Jung,behind me was Chin Ming and Yik Luei..we were the noisiest in the bus..I guessed it was just morning and we were really excited about the trip..We reached Malacca around an hour plus later..around 11.45am..we took bus no.17 to take us to the town..
I know it's Malacca when I saw this!!
and the trishaw!
nice weyyy~
it was sunny!

We can only check in the hotel around we stopped by some shop and had our lunch..Since Chern Jung brought a guide book and map..he is our tour guide..He took us to this famous restaurant to have lunch..OMG..the food was super delicious..I had it long time ago..and I miss it! T___T finally after few years later I can taste it agn!! XD After lunch,we walked to Hallmark Hotel..we were lost halfway and walked the whole town round and round..finally reached the hotel after 1hour..Our leg memang wanna patah ady..we left our luggage in lobby since we can't check in yet..and continue walked back to town..wandering in the Jonker Street..
no lar..not this wan..this is the chilly with a smiley face..=)
I dunno why is this under the table..
this is wat I say!! Damn sedap!! It's a rice ball..It's really special lar!! can't find it in KL
I don't know what we're talking about LOL
Liki and Chern Jung
so thirsty and we bought Kampai - non-alcoholic..
Liki and Chern Jung..behind was the Teahouse..
Kah Men and Liki
nice scenary~
Calvin's idea..
walao hot and sunny!! I'm sweating~
historical building
Chin Ming,Liki and Chern Jung
Chin Ming,Calvin and Liki
okay..Chern Jung acting scary here..
we took nice group photos =)
there's a purpose of the umbrella..Kah Men and I was getting wet!
2A4 gang!

from another angle..
Liki,Kah Men,Chern Jung and Calvin
Calvin,Chern Jung and Liki
a group ourselves!
Calvin and Liki..saw the rotating tower behind? XD
can see clearer?
I love them ler..
back view
this picture damn nice =)
Liki and Kah Men
waa...we're flying -my face is covered-
we're all sweating!! so hot!!
the rock was quite sharp >.< but this group picture damn nice weyy~from left: Yik Luei,Chin Ming,Wen Jie,Calvin,Chern Jung,Kah Men,Liki
HAHA we simply pointing..OMG I looked stupid!!
only CJ looking at the camera LOL
"We're like so lost" -CJ-
I saw "my shop" in Malacca!! see see!! My name!! O.o
we stayed here..

It was tiring..our leg was hurting..Kah Men and I twisted our ankle..we took bath..and rest for a while then headed to Jonker Street again..It was raining at night..and luckily we have four umbrella..Yik Luei brought raincoat LOL
famous laksa and cendol
we were in the middle of the Jonker Street
romantic right?
group photos ourselves!!
It was around 11pm when we took this..
Chern Jung,Kah Men and Liki
this dragon reminds me of the lantern festival I went with them near my house
guess where are we?
guess again~
we are here!!!
I love the trishaw!!

Rm15 per ride..damn cool lar!! our leg were in pain already so we took this trishaw back to hotel..the uncle was like asking us where are we from and stuff..reached back hotel around 12am..and took warm bath..Super exhausted..after bath,we went over to the guys room - 211 and we had night talk..Kah Men,Wen Jie and I in room - 209..the room 210 must be vry ke lian being sandwiched by us..HAHA..

We start using "place your camera here" as our sign because all our group photos were taken by ourselves..just place you camera at a very good angle and set timer..geng a not? XD..and the results of the pics was reli nice..hehe..

It was a start..we'll walked more and even more exhausted tomorrow~

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