Malacca Trip Day 2

March 09, 2009

Second day in Malacca was silly..and fun!! Wen Jie woke up the earliest and he was our alarm clock..I was like sooooo slepy..Wen Jie phone call to the other room to wake the guys up..they were so lazy to wake up till Wen Jie went over to their room and knock the door HAHA..We visited to 5 or 6 museum but we learnt nothing at all!! HAHA..oh ya,just the Baba Nyonya House we learnt something..others is like..we go there for
went on the ship early in the morning
we don't know which camera to look at LOL
and it's us again..set timer and took it XD
Kah Men and Liki
my shadow..weeee~
it's kinda dark here..
the clearest blur pic I could find haha
I dunno what is in here..just take photos..
Liki and Chern Jung..scary a not? XD
"Are you Ready Kids??"
"Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?"
trying to act like him XD
I was trying not to laugh hard here..
Chern Jung got chased by the eagle!!
suddenly CJ and Chin Ming sticked their head out
we damn silly lar
damn hot ler >.<

After that,we went to Baba Nyonya was really everything there! We had Wan Tan Mee for our lunch..and there's so many mosquito..our leg all kena bite >.<..and then,we walked around Jonker Street cz Kah Men,Wen Jie and I wanna buy souvenirs back from Malacca..then,we went to visit temples there.. Kah Men bought this for Wen Jie's bday..
delicious cendol!!
in the temple
we lighted this..
2A4 spirit!!!
the beautiful fountain
and beside it was this..
Calvin and Liki
Calvin and Liki again
Liki and Kah Men..
Kah Men and Liki
we were so exhausted..our leg so tired..
I love this picture =)
see this pic..nothing wrong right?
what about this?XD
visited this museum..
we were playing with the CCTV..see if you can see me..
we're all in box 1

tired and exhausted~
we're the king!!
trying to pose like the statue behind
crazy pole dance..
see closely everyone's facial expression
random and silly picture..but damn nice lar..
and it's us again =)
vry sunny lerr >.<
looks like I'm wearing that right? It's Calvin's idea
hide and many people are there?
try spotting..there's five of us here
left and right
our very own tugu negara
this picture is normal except for the guy behind..
our shoes~
guess where are we sitting?
in the middle of the mall XD
Chin Ming and Liki in Dataran Pahlawan (Voir)
Calvin and Liki
all of us..leg pain >.< I LOVE THIS CAKE SHOP!!!
this is probably this BEST cake I've tried..unique..cost RM8.50 per piece..Only available in Malacca
in the rotating tower
view from rotating tower
in Mahkota Parade
we're laughing hard bout Chin Ming

We reached hotel around 1am..and we planned to give Wen Jie present we bought from Mahkota I ask Wen Jie to take bath first..then Kah Men and I went over to the guys room and prepare a bit..later we quickly hide stuff when Wen Jie finished his bath and we all took bath..the present was hidden below the blanket where CJ and Calvin sleep..on the count of three in japanese by Kah Men,we pulled the blanket..but wait..there's two we were laughing when we pulled then blanket and the present kinda flew out..LOL! damn funny lar..Wen Jie was so blur >.<..but I guessed he's touched by us =) Wen Jie's present
funny faces >.<
our friendship necklace..

Some stupid stuff happened at night..playing with the hotel phone..
Room 211 called..
Kah Men: hello?
CJ: good night
*hang up*
Room 211 called again
Wen Jie: hello?
CJ: good night
*hang up*
Room 211 called again -hoping that I pick up-
Wen Jie: vry shuang is it?
CJ: give u good night call ma..let u experience how you morning call us
*hang up*
Room 209 called
Calvin: hello? *with some weird voice*
*hang up*
Room 211 called
background voice,Calvin: this Liki sot already..I picked up the phone then she HAHAHAHA and hang up
Liki: hello?
*hang up*
Room 211 called
CJ: Wen Jie leh? stil shitting?
Liki: no lar..finish ady lu~ evryone sleeping now..but I'm so energetic
background voice,Calvin: shit wat?
CJ: shit wat?
Liki ask Wen Jie and Wen Jie say: just little bit lor..

okay..we're like some ulu people that never had seen/use a phone before..=_=

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