Malacca Trip Day 3

March 10, 2009

Today is the last day of us being in Malacca..OMG I'm so gonna so gonna miss this trip..Don't feel like going to college tomorrow..wished I could stay in Malacca longer with them..

Early in the morning,Wen Jie morning called the guys room and put the ringtone some girl laughing..scared them HAHA..we had breakfast in hotel since it was provided..basically we were all tired in the third day so we didn't really walked much..we're kinda like unable to walked far we walked halfway and sit down..and walk again..took some silly pictures again
three of us in Room 209..all red..
four of them in Room 211..all black + weird one(grey)
us =)
the jonker street road board
our faces..
playing in the playground~
Chin Ming is one of the cows
acting drama on the train..damn funny larx!
from another camera
this pic is like Calvin trying to chase Yik Luei to return his money~
the plane is like crashing on us!!
the real Pokok Melaka where Parameswara sat under..
are we the Parameswaras'?
see nobody right?
see closely~ XD
this is damn scary ler
Chin ming-Calvin-Chern Jung-Liki-Kah Men-Yik Luei-Wen Jie
share under the umbrella
CJ look SUPER cute here lar..Chin Ming holding flooded McD

We walked from hotel to bus stop..but there's no bus since it's public we took taxi..the taxi driver is a Baba..and he was like "Har?You guys just waiting for your SPM results?So young ar..and you guys are so adventurous!! Walked instead of taking any transport..Travel yourself without adults~" Ya actually I kinda agrees with that..I have not met anyone,yet,so far..that go on trip with just a map to guide..and hotel evrything was book by ourselves..walked with our feet instead of taking any public transport..damn fun lar..It's like a once in a life time experience..

Kah Men is leaving to Japan and CJ is going to NS already..I can tell you,they're the best travel mate I've ever met..With all the silly laughter and joke..I laughed three days non-stop..I can just be myself when I'm with's fun being with them..really..
I wished I could stay in Malacca with them longer..

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