Not-So-Lucky Day

March 26, 2009

It's chemistry test friend put lots of effort in teaching me..thanks so much weiii..Sorry if I disappoint you T___T

TJ have to worry more because he has to score 60 for this test in order to get back his ipod..he was using it during class and tchr finds out and consficate post today is not to talk about my chemistry test..

I hurt my leg again..Twice in three months..both in college..It was after chemistry test and I was packing my stuff..I placed my bottle on the edge of the table..and one of my friend was packing his stuff too..he accidentally hit my bottle and my STEEL bottle fall right on my toes..on my right leg..I immediately bent down and I can hear my toes are screaming LMAO..I can't feel my leg..Xian Tze went and get some medicine for me..I can hardly walk weyy..but I didn't want my friends to think that I'm weak and vulnerable so I bare the pain and walked..I was so hoping that someone carry me weyy..Cannot walk ma!! T___T but I didn't blame my friend was accident anyway..
once hit then straight away blue-black
the powerful bottle

Went to Malaysian Studies..and it was raining heavily..I dragged my feet to the foyer and chat with some friends while waiting for Lily to fetch me home..Suddenly,I felt not right..I threw my stuff to Nataneal and pulled myself to the toilet ASAP..nothing I walked out again with my painful leg..Lily say she's going to get the car and asked me to wait at the foyer since I've hurt my leg..while waiting for her..I'm not feeling alright already..I threw my stuff to Nataneal again..and this time,ran faster to the toilet..ran in..and..yea..I vomited..I was in there for 1 hour plus..I didn't know why I started crying..probably cz I felt so sick..I rest my head on the wall..and sort of fell asleep..Lily made few rounds in the campus cz she couldn't find parking..she was too worried and told her friend to take over driving the car around while she came down n looked for me..

Lily: LIKiiiiiiiiiiIIII!! where are you? Open the door!!

I opened the door and saw her..she gave me a hug..

The Sunway people are so nice..the professor told me there's a nurse in Sickbay and asked me to go there..some girl told me that they stayed in condo nearby and they offered to take medicine for's so nice of them >.<

Went home..feeling much energetic and studies for Mechanics and Statistic test..not really XP

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