Relaxation Is Who You Are

March 27, 2009

I just did my Mechanics and Statistcs test..I don't care about it la..It's over..when I get my results then I'll..err..emo about it..XP..
reminds me of Zhen Yoong pulling his pants high..button up his collar last yr..

Elyse lost Ester's clothes today..Sarah and I accompanied her and looked for it..but..couldn't find it..hope she can find it..Lily drove 6 guys and 2 girls was super noisy..the guys were so wild =_=..all the vulgar words in every sentence..we pass by a Waja..the guy was like shaking his head..LOL..

After sending everyone back..Lily and I wanted to eat KFC..and we went to the WRONG way..paid 3 tolls!! OMG..Sorry for leading the wrong way..>.<..went to KFC and we ate two rounds cz we were both so hungry!! I went to Lily's house to lepak..did homework..both of us so obedient..we didn't went to pasar malam today..partly cz I hurt my leg and I don't wanna walk..=/.. Lily is so addicted to this.. the medicine and Xian Tze gave me on Wednesday.. am I gonna explain to Xian Tze if Lily/I finished using it?

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