SPM Result Day

March 13, 2009

Today is the SPM Result Day!!! Damn nervous weyy..I went to college in the morning..had a conversation with Mr.Goh - our further math teacher..I realised number can be so fun and interesting! =)

Then Xian Tze,Zhi Yuen and I went to Physics lab to hang out..Zhi Yuen received call from his teacher saying he got 8A1 and 2A2..I was so worried..sighh..I don't know how's my results gonna be..Brynn called me too..make me so damn nervous..My hands were as cold as ice and my lips were so pale..

I miss CHS!!! I was touring around..checking out the toilet..OMG damn cool lehh!! and chat with everyone to distract me from thinking bout my results..
Chin Ming -afro head!
OMG~~ It's Wen Jie's bday present XD

After taking SPM results..I walked around the school..finding my subject teacher and show them my results..saying thank you..then sat in canteen while waiting for Chin Ming and CJ taking photo for newspaper..LOL..had lunch in school since we miss school food..then went to Redbox in Gardens till 8pm and Chin Ming send me home..
Kah Men and Liki
Chin Ming drove 9 of us..
in the Redbox
Liki and Astin
Liki-Astin-Shu Xuan-Kai Lin

Congratz to those who did well for their SPM =)

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