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March 18, 2009

My heart wasn't in college all day..I kept thinking about stuff..All of a sudden..the memories of me being with her flashes back in my head..How she used to be there for me whenever I needed her..How she used to comfort me when I'm down..How she used to stood up for me when someone bully me..I read her blog..tears rolled down my cheek

Time flies so fast..We grew up together..and we're always there for each other..she won't be celebrating my birthday together..It was our tradition to celebrate my birthday and christmas ever since year 2005..for every occasion,we will gathered together..our friendship last for six years already..we're still going strong =)

Chin Ming and I went KLIA together while Chern Jung,Wen Jie and Leon took bus..see how we travelled so far just to send our friend off to other country..
in the airport..
Kah Men received present from CJ
those who came to send Kah Men in airport..
we're still able to pose silly pictures XD
Lexus in KLIA..four guys =)
Chin Ming was so jealous that the scenary behind looks better than him LOL
must take more Kah Men's pic..then can compare when she's back
while taking care of Kah Men's bag when she have briefing
we were making fun of her passport picture in Japan..why black and white? =_=
Look at Chin Ming pose!! his sickness start again HAHAHA
and let's go SHOPPING!!
the rope came off..because of our pic up there haha
we still able to camwhore in the toilet XD
I was talking to my mom..Kah Men like seducing the cameraman..Wen Jie look so wu nai
and this is really funny XD
Japanese coins!
when Kah Men's leaving~

We were like laughing the whole day..So silly la..haha!damn noisy in KLIA..we ran up and down to find food..Kah Men say she gonna miss all our laughter..Kah Men even brought a handmade diary and she have each of our photos in it..to show it to her host family..We were like screaming "Kah Men!! Take care!!" and we even salute her..we're the only gang that did it..We have group hug too..A really warm and family hug..I almost cried..but I didn't because I didn't want Kah Men to feel bad or sad..I want her to enjoy the programme..
how excited she looks

I can see how she wanted to go Japan badly.she went with 13 other students and most of them cry..but Kah Men is a tough one..I know Kah Men..She's a very independant,strong and powerful girl..She's like our "mother" in 2A4..or also known as "super powerful girl" by Wen Jie XD
I hope you'll enjoy in Japan..all the best..we'll meet again one year from today =)

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