Sunway University College Open Day

March 16, 2009

I am the staff of the Sunway University College Open Day!! more like just to go there to have fun XD..I drove to college myself!! So proud!! I just drove for 4 times with my mom..and now I'm driving myself..obviously I am sket..and I almost bang a human today..long story =_=..
Liki and Xian Tze..acting Chee Yung's style

I went to Physics lab and saw Kin Wai,Zhi Yuen,Xian Tze and Teng Jong..five of us will be dutying in the physics lab..time passes..we were quite bored already and Xian Tze suggested "eh..let's watch Madagascar 2" and he turned the physics lab into a cinema..using his laptop..connected to speaker using crocodile clips and wire..LOL..the sound quality was damn good weyy~ We didn't managed to finish watching it cz it was lunch break already..I want to finish it!! RAWR~

After lunch break,we tour around the campus since it's Open Day right? We saw some cocktail demostration and I tried out..wooo~ It was nice =)..the guy even inject the juice to my mouth using a fun!! XD..We then went to biology lab since I miss it soooo was fun to see all those experiment..Zhi Yuen and I stared at the 3-D picture on the wall for almost 2hours but I finally could only see a part..I was wondering whether there's something wrong with my took us quite a long time till we're late to meet up with Edmund - he came back frm Singapore..
must test with the stuff there ma!
I like this!! I like this!! I like this!!
Zhi Yuen and I was staring at the 3-D picture in biology lab..

We just went karaoke since he wants it badly and he couldn't find any entertainment there..Xian Tze left early..later on,it was raining..I couldn't walk back to college myself..So we watched Madagascar 2 in Speedy Video Shop with Shi Ning and Chia Feng..we stood there like quite funny haha..but the rain doesn't seemed to stop..So Jia Cheng suggested that he send me back to college since he's driving,and then we would go Asia Cafe together..
I want the balloon!!! desperately
Xian Tze,Edmund,Liki and Shi Ning

Edmund and Chia Feng was so anxious to sit my car..and I told them I couldn't fetch them as I promised Lily that she would be my first passenger..but Edmund and Chia Feng they are the freeloader..not my passenger! Lily will still be my first passenger!
Shi Ning and Liki
Jia Cheng and Liki

We had dinner..I forget to bring money and Jia Cheng have to belanja me >.<..pai seh-nye..XD..then I send Chia Feng and went home..Jia Cheng and Chia Feng was so worried that they told me to message them when I'm home..hehe..I finally dare to drive myself after four times driving since I get my P license..proud ma..

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