Test Week No.2?

March 24, 2009

I don't know why our schedule is like..two weeks just homework and studies..and anthr week is test..test for all subject..all in one week~ this week is damn hectic weyy..I'm having 3 (or 4) exams - English, Chemistry, Physics(unpredictable), Mechanics and Statistics test..How la..T____T I just started college not long ago and we already have soooo many test..Maybe sooner or later I'll have no feelings toward test already..

On Monday,Ms Joy told us to write two essay in 40 mins..we were all stunt when we get the papers because it was a report about bar chart and graphs..we did the papers in EST way and hand in the paper..Ms Joy was so shocked to read our paper..

Ms Joy: didn't you follow the module I gave?
All: huh?what module?
Ms Joy: you all didn't get the module I gave meh?
All: huh?
*Ms Joy showing us the paper*
All: no...
Ms Joy: hahaha..no wonder I have extra copy
Elyse and I sweat~

Ms Joy: why are u guys keep quiet when I give the test?
All: har? It was a test ar? we didn't know ma
Ms Joy: HAHA..never in my 11 years of teaching I face this problem..nvm,I tell u what..I give you all at least a credit..oh my..Liki..do u mind I read ur essay?
Liki: err..can la..
Ms Joy: hmm..To Ms Joy..HAHA so cute
Liki: .....
Ms Joy: regarding...based on the...etc...(reading my essay) okay okay..good..I'm sure u all will score very well for ur test..I'll still read it anyway

LOL..that is a very "sweat" test,if u get what I mean..

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