March 05, 2009

Today is the white day! =)..this time we're more united because our WHOLE class,s4 wore white!! It was so obvious that even the lecturers and the students noticed..especially like during physics class together with s3..our class is like whole side white..hehe

This week college is less stress for me..I think I finally can catch up with some of the studies already..not exactly can catch up but better than I used to struggle since college starts..I know it's quite unusual to see me quiet..but guess wat? Finally got ppl say "Liki..you're more of the quiet and shy type~" LOL!!!
I'm good in titration after got scolded by Ms.Vijaya already..XD
physics lab!
Mr.Kingsley was so sporting..haha
tries to act scary..
and emotional..HAHA
Sarah and I..she helped me a lot with my studies =)
Liki and Kimberly..
Hui Ling,Liki,Li Lynn..
side view of us..
I'm taller than Mukand..
I dunno who drew this..but damn cute..haha
Chee Yoong was wearing my hairband..haha

My favourite picture of the day:
the girls..
and the "Gossip Girls" cover style <3

I'm still so excited coz I passed my driving test LMAO

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