April Fools' Day

April 02, 2009

Can't believe it?I wore school pinafore to college today

It's April Fools' Day today!!! Although it's not a holiday..but it is celebrated all over the countries..and my class,S4,decided to wear school uniform on the April Fools' Day! I was so sket that I got pranked by Zhi Yuen or Xian Tze because they insisted me to wear my school uniform..for guys of course,nothing much because their uniform is not THAT obvious compared to my bright blue pinafore!!
Lily pointing at me
our April Fool face
took it during jam in the morning HAHA

I sms Xian Tze and Zhi Yuen a lot of time before I leave my house..Lily came and picked me up in the morning..she was shocked!! And she kept laughing and driving =_=..I entered college wearing school uniform and a pink jacket to cover myself..Lily said I look like a nurse with the pink jacket! When I walked in the hallway,everyone was staring at me!! Guess my blue pinafore does stands out..even my pink jacket can't cover it..

I called Xian Tze to ask which class are we in(because we had new timetable)..I just can't wait to enter the class and sit together with them..Not by myself!! While I was walking..passing by stairs,I heard some giggling..and hmmm..it sounded obvious..so I walked back few steps to take a look,I saw Elaine in school uniform too!! LMAO..sooooo funny la! and we both walked to class together,with people eyeing on us..1st thing that Tian Yuan said to me was "Oh-My-God"

I entered class and everyone turned their head to look at me..They say I really DO looked like a high school girl..LMAO..Xian Tze said "bangun"..then we all stand and wished "Selamat sejahtera Encik Goh" HAHA..So funny..he said we should have told him then he wear short pants as well HAHA..we did the same during Mr.Kingsley's Physics class..but we walked in a straight line entering the classroom..Damn funny
Liki and Xian Tze - the CHS people!
dunno what to do..
LOL..what am I doing HAHA
and Yen Li's turn LOL
From left(clockwise):Haren,Elaine,Mukand,Liki,Xian Tze,Kai Yuan,Chee Yung,Terry,Yen Li,Zhi Yuen
it was really hot under the sun..
3 Chs-ians here..Liki,Xian Tze,Kai Yuan
notice who never change their pose b4?
still wanna take ar?

Tian Yuan called me "mui mui zai"..some random people passed by and say "hello cutie" and some people even asked me if I'm lost!! =_=..I went and buy things in the cafeteria and the person read my school badge and say "hmmm..Catholik High School..what are you doing here?" LOL.."errr..I'm studying here..but today is April Fool so we decided to wear school uniform for fun lor"
the fake cicak
Tian Yuan's expression damn funny
need to camwhore in the toilet
seldom wear school uniform to college ma..I think no 2nd time lor haha
Liki(high school girl) and Mike(professor)
Xian Tze-Liki-Zhi Yuen-Haren
must take more pictures!!
Typical high school student..
Playing with Zhi Yuen's tie XD
suppose to look like "AHHHH" but it looked more like "WOW" here LOL
Liki and Jue Sheng..like kiddo and old man XP
Liki and Lily

After class, I saw this guy wearing school uniform..I thought maybe he's from my class..I couldn't see it clearly cz I'm not wearing my spectacle..went closer and see,it wasn't my friend..So I just walked off..Lily saw me from behind..and she point at that guy and say "ur classmate ar?" LOL..We both laughed..he's still high school boy..but he's quite tall! When I see closely,it was Brynn's brother! LOL! Then Lily and I laughing like crazy girls..

Ahhh..it's a nice experience la..I don't think anyone wore school uniform to their college for classes..It's like a once in a life time experience..Lots of people asking "why are you wearing school uniform? Is there any function?"

"No la..just for fun.."

Let's do it again XP

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