Choir Gathering

April 04, 2009

I'm so excited about today..It's the senior choir gathering!! Argh,I'm old! Thanks to Tik Lam for organizing this =)

Luckily Mr.Lee cancel the Mentor-mentee syok!! I even told Ms.Chin I'll take my test paper back next week just to meet up with my choir people..My mom drove me back to CHS and I was so glad to see everyone..Haven't been seeing Meu Ye and Sin Chien since SPM over! We walked in Choir Room together..the juniors welcomed us =) but someone don't..and luckily that SOMEONE wasn't there..Don't wanna see her &^&%$^%# face

Wei Lon drove Meu Ye,Sin Chien and I to Mv while Tik Lam and Ee Zhen sat Yik Luei's car..Yik Luei drove illegally..without license and without P sticker..I dare not even sit his car..=/ We couldn't find parking..Finally found parking after more than half an hour looking for it..Tik Lam,Ee Zhen and Yik Luei went and bought movie ticket..
this show is funny larh LOL
Tik Lam's burger
my first Fillet-O-Fish
Liki,Ee Zhen,Meu Ye,Sin Chien
we are the choir girls =)
Alto-Alto-Soprano-Alto (Omg,I'm the only Soprano)

Weeee~ I bought magazine to read this is better than staring at the boring A-Levels syllabus! It's making me sick..

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