Class 5S5 Gathering

April 26, 2009

Wooooo-hoooooooooo,I am so excited for the class gathering see back my old classmates!! >.<...we've been classmates for 2 years and it's actually our first gathering this year..I am so excited!!!

I think it was Mun Hon's idea for this gathering..anyway..thanks so much for those who made it!! T____T I'm really happy to see back my old classmates!! We were supposed to meet in 1u at 6.30pm..but Kock Hwa was late! He was still at Pavilion at 5.30pm!! So I fetch Mun Hon and Kock Hwa then we went to 1u around 6.30pm..Everyone was like blaming on Kock Hwa LMAO!

I followed Zhen Yoong's car to Sg Buloh..He is damn pro weyy! He has never been to that Restaurant before..He just googled the map..and then recognised the road already..Not to say it's located in Sg Buloh so far!! He can lead 3 cars behind and remember the road to and fro..So pro lar!!! Really pei fu~ We ate around RM400+ for 19 each person pay RM23 lor..It was fun to have gathering like this once in a while doesn't it? XD the pun choi
I don't know what does it called but it is damn delicious..
Shu Ying - Liki - Jun Mun - Wei Quan - Ren Hong - Choon Lim - Eng Yuan
#1 Group Photo
#2 Group photo
#3 Group photo *5 stands for S5 =)

After eating,we went to Restaurant SS2 Murni to yum cha before we go back..because it's really hard to gather many people together in one day..we didn't wanna leave yet..There,Kun Heng,Kah Joon,Wei Seong,Kong Weng and AQ joined us to have a drink and chat..awwww..I miss the chit-chatting sessions!!
Liki and Hui Yee with special Ribena drinks(inside got watermelon,nata de coco,longan)

I sent Wei Quan and Ren Hong to bus stop and then Kock Hwa and Chun Wai back to Kock Hwa's house..I reached home around 12am..took bath and online a little while..pheww...what a tiring yet meaningful day..

Next gathering where we go ar? XD

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