Coincidence Or Fate?

April 05, 2009

Let's see,

Case 1: I saw this kid looks like Jiunn Heng..My mom asked me if that kid looks like Tik Lam..I was thinking..hmmm..more like Jiunn Heng..suddenly the kid stare at me the for quite some time..and when the nurse called his name..I was shocked! His name was Tan Jun Heng(pronounced the same)..LOL!

Case 2: Remember the accident last time? The one I told you guys?..The green Myvi? Remember or not?? If not,click here I saw the SAME green Myvi with the exact same car plat number!! and funny thing is..I still saw the scratches behind!! LOL!! I was on my way back frm doctor's appointment and I saw it!! OMG! I straight away sms Lily to reconfirm the car plat number..The driver was a young cute-looking guy and beside him was a young girl! What a coincidence!!

"The fate had brought you and the car together" -Lily-

LOL!! I drove Shi Ning to Midvalley today..we went for movie..Oh ya,CJ!! I saw Benjamin in MV!! He told me how he got punished(bumping) because he talked to girls in his camp..He said NS is damn boring..alar anyway,he was a scout b4..all this activity must be a piece of cake for him =/
It is sooo funny LOL
visit Ren Hong,my kai gor,working in Giordano..

After that,we shop,walked around and we bought stuff..She told me about the stories in NS..she's going back tml =/..awww...Went home quite late..Driving at night is a little scary..I was hoping to reach home as soon as possible haha..

I can see my bed waving to me already..good night ^^

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