Crazy Over Heels

April 12, 2009

I'm very very very happy =D...MUAHAHAHA!!

My friend should have told me earlier!! It's just in front of my college and beside Monash University!! It's on since Wednesday!! If I knew it,I think I'll go every single day after college with Lily XD
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *morescreamingandyelling*

Having small size leg wasn't that bad after all..I found out about this warehouse sale from my friend on the last day of sale! =_= I straight away called Lily and told her bout it so she could accompany me there..but she's in PC Fair(awww...she is so gonna regret XD)..I jumped on my mom's bed,waking her up and told her bout mom then called my aunt and my cousin tag along too..

On the way there,my mom was complaining that there'll be no more stock already their shoe size is so common..I was like..nevermind la..just go there see only..the sale is until 7pm only and I went there around 4pm..Woah..many people there weyy!! The shoes and bags are really nice and they're still on sale in market!!

I went crazy and walked the whole warehouse and snatch those really nice shoes..muahaha! most of the shoes I grabbed are last pair..or only my size available!! My mom,my aunt and my cousin couldn't really buy shoes..they found suitable shoes but no more their size already..

Finally,I bought 4 pairs of heels and 1 bag..not bad right? I save money leh~
Original price,from left: RM79.90 - RM59.90 - RM59.90 - RM59.90 and the bag cost RM119.90!
After discount,from left:RM10 - RM17.95 - RM17.95 - RM17.95..and the bag RM32

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot stop's damn freaking cheap okay!! LMAO..If you calculate properly I save RM250++!!!
Lily is sooo gonna be so pissed off when she see my shoes and my bag haha!

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